"Meet the woman with the most world-weary voice in music: She's most assuredly creating the soundtrack to whatever becomes the next The Craft or Natural Born Killers — a little bit industrial grime, a little bit shoegaze, a little bit dark as... - Refinery29

"Like shoegazing with a twang, but there’s a maximalist epic thing going on, too. It’s rare that a singer is able to balance synthesizers with a slow, Southern vocal palette, and it’s almost like inventing a new language of song. Well, here it is, and it’s gorgeous!” - FlyPaper

"Sarrano can morph from angel to devil in the same song. The looming atmosphere of dread and submission conjured turns over a new page in Southern Gothic storytelling" —Pop Matters

Sarrano’s dreamy songwriting often gets labelled as psychedelic, but her poeticisms are so spiritually minded that transcendental might be a better descriptor”- Immersive Atlanta

“Pitting a murky, ominous, lumbering arrangement against her ethereal voice, with its consciously mysterious dearth of affect, Sarrano crafts a sound that is hauntingly eerie. Bringing this palette to a canvas that includes country, psych, Southern Gothic, even industrial, it’s easy to imagine her scoring True Detective‘s first season.” – Elmore Magazine

"It’s rare that a song strikes so perfect a balance between foreboding and sensual, but Thayer Sarrano gets it just right” - Paste Magazine

“From the sonically chaotic title track and “Totem” to the soothing, choir-driven “O My Soul,” the songs on Wings Alleluia are emotional experiences that Sarrano selflessly shares, not swampy nests of distortion or disposable pop songs. The religious talking points made apparent by these song titles don’t make it a gospel or New Age album – although Sarrano and friends would excel at reshaping either genre. Instead, they’re testaments to the spiritual power of a good song. In short, Sarrano made another album that’s unquestionably from Athens and not exclusively beholden to any specific strand of indie rock or to a single belief system. Press likened the album to “the twang of Cowboy Junkies/Margo Timmins, the look-to-the-sky dreaminess of Harriet Wheeler/The Sundays, the obtuse pop hooks of Polly Jean Harvey, the feedback of Jesus + Mary Chain, the production values of Beach House and the modern hooks of Nicole Dollanganger.” High and descriptive praise, yet even all of that might be limiting when it comes to defining the latest creative vision from one of the Classic City’s most imaginative musical exports.” -Stomp and Stammer

"One part shoegaze, another couple parts Southern gothic, a dash of folk, some classic country, and whatever else she pleases, Thayer Sarrano has emerged this spring with a new record. Wings Alleluia is the album that every singer/songwriter strives for, but rarely hits. Definitely a “lights off” affair, but Sarrrano isn’t unleashing a darkness to swallow you whole. Instead, she reaches out to the listener with hope. She isn’t just a musician, she is a guide..”

-News Whistle 



"You know sometimes you can just feel another world at the same time, maybe it is some higher self or just being more connected," asks Athens, GA-based THAYER SARRANO rhetorically about the inspiration for her new album Wings Alleluia. Deeply poetic and musically pastoral, her fourth album is an exploration of textures and melodies reinforcing the title that Americana UK bestowed upon her as “The New Queen of Shoegaze.” 


The follow-up to 2015's Shaky, Wings Alleluia displays the layered tapestry she musically weaves that Huffington Post called “a Southern-psych dreamland, bottling up ghosts and bringing them to life through her ethereal hymns." From the moody opening track “O My Soul” that tickles the lower registers while Thayer’s otherworldly vocals soars above, to the guitar-led meditation “These Arms” which traipses over a backwoods-ian twang, to the dramatic “White Shores”, the album exists on an almost transcendental level, a mindset that she subscribes to. Thayer explains, “I’ll be dealing with whatever is happening in front of me or the emotion of a beautiful or terrible situation, and the lyrics that I’ll get for some reason usually tend to come more from the abstract higher place because it provides more clarity.”


Since 2009, she has released three LPs and toured heavily, headlining tours in the US and Europe, as well as supporting Drive-By Truckers, Television, Robyn Hitchcock, Camper Van Beethoven, Cracker, Nicole Atkins, The Whigs, she has also been a featured guest vocalist at a Big Star’s Third show in Athens amongst other things. Her songs have been featured on network television, in the Netherlands' Groninger Museum, and she won the Flagpole Music Award for Music Video of the Year (2016) for "Shaky." Last October, she released a 7 inch with a book of drawings for the stand alone track, “I Will Never Be Used to Your Beauty,” with a cover of Leonard Cohen’s "If It Be Your Will" as its b-side, featuring producer and artist Andy Lemaster.


Her new LP was released April, 2019 and features the Athens Cowboy Choir, T. Hardy Morris, Justin Collins, Parker Gispert, Billy Bennett, and more on backing vocals, as well as Marlon Patton on drums. Drew Vandenberg engineered at The Fidelitorium in Kernsville, NC and Chase Park Transduction in Athens, GA.